Marriage Customs

Punjabi Wedding Customs and Traditions Ceremony Will Make Feel Happy

Punjabi wedding is celebrated with lots of preparation to begin custom ceremonies. All these joyous and fun filled moments makes wedding so special. Punjabi matrimony is performed with colorful celebrations from the very first ceremony. Punjabi expresses their love and happier feelings to celebrate each moment of their cultural custom ceremonies. Punjabi marriage is lavish and vibrant ceremony to get more fun, excitement on each coming ceremony. Punjabi bhangra and gidda is very famous dance among Punjabis that always brings them close and have unlimited fun and joys.

Punjabi Wedding Costume
Wedding day comes once in a couple’s life enjoy its every moment. Marriage memories are always having good feel that can be captured in wedding photographs. Punjabi matrimony costume is bride and grooms’ choice but when it comes to traditional choice Punjabi bride wears heavy salwar kameez or even choose bridal lehenga on her wedding day. Punjabi groom prefers either traditional churidaar with kameez or modern stylish sherwani to make a perfect matching look.

Wedding Custom and Rituals
Punjabi matrimonial custom and rituals fill many joyful moments during the traditional events. A number of custom and traditions precede wedding ceremony as there are some religious activities as well whereupon both families seek blessings for good luck for the bride and groom. Marriage custom and rituals create funny moments to enjoy that are enjoyed by the wedding participants.

Roka and Thaka- Roka thaka ceremony is performed after fixing wedding ceremony, the bride’s family visits to the groom family to complete some custom formalities as they give blessings and offer some gifts including fruits and sweets to the groom.

Sangeet- Sangeet ceremony is one of the most joyful functions especially for ladies. The entire neighbor and invited ladies guest participate to dance on traditional sangeet. This is really exciting and interested for ladies because they sing and dances a lot on this day.

Sehrabandi- Punjabi groom wears matching sehra with his wedding attire. Groom gets ready to fulfill religious activities like performing puja of God to seek blessing for good fortune towards this journey.

Varmala- After reaching to bride’s house, groom comes first with an excitement for varmala where the matchmaking bride and groom exchange garlands to tie in a nuptial knot forever.

Mangal Phere- Mangal phera is an important sacrament when couple takes seven steps around holy fire towards their entire life. A priest recites holy mantra within each phera to remind couple their responsibilities towards this matrimonial life.