Sikh Wedding Dress Good Food Dance and Custom Ceremonies are Fun Filled Events

Sikh wedding is a fun-filled ceremony celebrated with lots of colorful celebrations to enjoy extra fun-loving moments together. Sikh wedding is incomplete without loving custom celebrations that are pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding rituals, traditional delicious dishes and dance, etc. Marriage can’t make a big colorful sound without all these trendy ideas of blissful union of the matchmaking couple. This is a rich, opulent culture never miss a chance to follow old age customs of the big day event. Sikh matrimony is not just about a holy union of the Sikh bride and groom, but also requires fascinating arrangements, such as good food, dress, dance, and customs formalities beautify the marriage occasion. Each wedding gives you a new experience while enjoying together with enough joyful events.

Sikh Wedding Dress

Sikh wedding dresses are ostentatious bright and amazing including wedding accessories as a nice jewelry collection. Sikh bride and groom apparently choose the best dresses with an elaborate jewelry. Sikh groom prefers traditional ‘Sherwani’ or Kurta commonly these are also known as Achkan or long overcoat. Modern Sikh groom like to opt a dark color suit to embellish his personality outfit. Sikh bride dresses elegantly look pretty with cosmetic use including ornamented traditional jewelry. Sikh bride most commonly considers traditional dress of the wedding special to stand out from the crowd. Sikh bride’s choice may be an embroidered quality fabric made ‘Lehenga’ or even heavy expensive and fantastic sari.

Wedding Delicious Food

Sikh wedding is famous for delicious dishes including different various dishes are Achari Paneer tadka, Dahi bhalle, Tawa sabji, Gulab jamun, Pineapple raita, and Jalebi rabri etc. No guests will be disappointed to enjoy Sikh matrimony special if they are having such palatable dishes to cherish special ceremony. In fact, you will be surprised at the wedding venue having a pleasant feel while enjoying each moment.

Wedding Custom & Rituals

Sikh matrimony matrimonial marriage customs and rituals are varying begin from the very first day regarding the blissful union of the Sikh couple. The actual custom ceremonies are Roka, Mangini, Mehndi, Sangeet, Shagun, Procession journey, Exchanging wedding garlands, phera, and vidai etc, all these are extremely common customs take place from the wedding beginning to the last moment.

Wedding Dance & Music

Traditionally, bhangra is one of the most popular folk dance done by the wedding participants to enjoy together fun-loving moments. Sikh marriage is incomplete without the sound of music and dance cherishes your mood while dancing together in a group.