Sikh Marriage

Sikh Wedding- A Loud Wedding with Pomp and Show but Meaningful Ceremony

Sikh wedding is one of the most traditional as well as the colorful wedding with much of the glitters and also can be said a bit loud wedding. Also, they are known to be a great dancing community which has the traditional Bhangra or also the ambiance is simple or stylish but it shows the affluence of the enjoyable affair. The elaborate lehngas or the baraat which is full of chirpy people gets to the most beautiful ways in which fun and the “Anand Karaj” which is the name of the marriage ceremony which helps to create a prosperous and peaceful life.

The wedding which is simply the same in terms of helping the bride and groom to come together and thus also gives the people one simple way of marriage where the Gurudwara Sahib helps in performing all the rituals. The same rituals could be seen which is akin to HINDU where the father visits the groom’s home for acceptance of the bride in their home.

These are the main rituals which have given the simple marriage affair a meaningful lifestyle and also easy to register as the marriage gets the certificate from Gurudwara committee:

. Roka and Thaka: The Roka and Thaka which has the utmost importance as it is the marriage ritual which announces the formal invitation of bride and groom‘s into each other’s home. The same ritual is performed by the bride and groom respectively and exchange of sweets and gifts are done which formally announces the onset of marriage.

. Kurmai: The another aspect of the marriage is that the tradition is followed and also it helps to get every details such as the engagement ceremony and the bride father presents kangha, kirpan along with a red scarf. The same way like mangni occurs in which ceremonial rings are exchanged and then the guests are served with food and drinks.

. Akhand path: Gradually Akhand path is performed in which recital of Guru Granth Sahib is done and the entire community takes the Prasad along with langar which gives the pure atmosphere and also it is considered to be a protection from all kinds of bad omen.

With many other similar rituals which is about giving the understanding of the Sikh rituals and give the services to the Gurudwara Sahib for the peace and prosperity finally Anand Karaj which means blissful union is done and the family ties gets managed. In this way, one could say that with simple ceremony but still a large hearted one in terms of all glitters which is a part of their culture could be seen at the marriage.