We offer different marriage related service, right from the start of the thought of finding a perfect partner up until the wedding celebrations are complete.

Match Making

Shaadichoice clearly shows the positive impact ties between the self and others and Punjabi Sikh wedding traditions are a strong reflection of Punjabi culture with ritual, dance, song.

Wedding Planning

In a Punjabisikh wedding, Ardas is performed by the person in charge of looking after the Sikh scriptures, followed by the formal introductions of senior men in the families.

Search Profiles

Choosing a life partner entails a lot of difficulties but by the help of Shaadichoice you can easily find your dream partner.


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Marriage Bureau

A Shaadichoice marriage bureau is also provided Punjabisikh wedding an ideal way to find a partner without interference of family members.

Compatibility Analysis

A Sikh wedding, according to the Anand (Bliss) rite, take place in a Gurudwara and circumambulate around their Guru Granth four times.