Best Wedding Attire Ideas for Punjabi Groom to Look Smart

A wedding is a royal day requires a lot of arrangements one of them is choosing the best attire for Punjabi groom. What you love, buy for the wedding special to look stunning and smart among the crowd. Punjabi marriage is celebrated with so many vibrant and flamboyant custom ceremonies to enjoy each moment from beginning to the last. Punjabi people love Punjabi dance such as bhangra, gidda, and dance on the Punjabi songs together. All these are fun-loving and exciting moments make it memorable event forever. Punjabi matrimony is a royal ceremony, including expensive dress, food, dance and venue decoration. Let’s take look at the blend of some expensive, traditional and modern gorgeous Punjabi groom attire embellish his smartness on the wedding day.


Punjabi groom looks smart and elegant while wearing churidar with kameez because modern Punjabi groom choice varies as per their personal preference for a wedding dress. This is also a good style to wear perfectly with a nice combination of cream and maroon.


Turban is a good head covered, especially worn by Punjabi groom. Turban is the religious symbol of Punjabi to show respect to the God. This is an old age custom adhered by Punjabi people.

 Punjabi Groom Dress

The best one option is gorgeous and fashionable Sherwani Jacket embellishes his personality outfit for matrimony event. This is an embroidered costume with an artistic design to make his personality impressive.

Floral Sherwani Punjabi Groom Dress

Floral sherwani creates a modern, fashionable style to express groom’s personality, smart and perfect fit. Punjabi groom can have long tailored and comfortable fit according to his personality outfit what suits him nicely. Punjabi groom can buy floral beautiful sherwani in his favorite color as this is the entire floral print attire for marriage special.

Punjabi Groom Velvet Sherwani in Red Color 

Punjabi groom most commonly prefers this Velvet sherwani include thread buttons and churidar pattern along with simple flat mojari. This type of velvet sherwani creates a classic and superb style without disturbing groom’s comfort and relax. This is something unique adds a nice touch to his look.

Blue Suit a Modern Choice 

A blue suit is really everything that you need to get a flair for modern style to make Punjabi groom look wonderful. Everyone will say wow, what a personality style looking handsome in a blue suit with expensive brown leather shoes. It is tailored fit according to his body type that will not be oversize or loose because his taste is prior what he is looking for. This is a trendy extra fashionable choice for Punjabi groom.


Punjabi Wedding A Stunning And Fun Filled Custom Ceremony To Tie A Nuptial Not Between Couple

Punjabi wedding is celebrated with lots of fun-loving moments that unites matchmaking couple in a lifetime relationship. Punjabi matrimony is celebrated with lots of custom and ritual celebrations from beginning of the last. Punjabi marriage includes a lot of delicious dishes, bhangra dance and music overall full fantastic and cheerful ceremony to enjoy together with friends, family and close relatives. Punjabi people are excited a lot to participate in all matrimonial custom formalities and functions. Punjabi bhangra and gidda are much famous traditional dance among Punjabis to enjoy more together.

Punjabi Wedding Costume

Marriage day is exclusively significant occasion to enjoy each moment of the couple’s holy union. Matrimony event requires numerous arrangements and preparations to make it royal ceremony. Punjabi wedding Matrimony  Site costume is completely a traditional choice of the bride and groom in which they look very smart and matchmaking couple. Punjabi groom wears traditional sherwani and keeps a kirpan with. Punjabi bride wears traditional heavy embroidered lehenga along with custom jewelry to enhance her beauty.

Wedding Custom and Rituals

Punjabi marriage custom and rituals bring a lot of joyous and fun-loving moments that extends main ceremony over a week. A number of custom and traditions proceed wedding ceremony as these are the cultural essence, that takes place from beginning to the last wedding moment. Both families seek blessings for a Punjabi couple to finish big day ceremony peacefully.

Roka and Thaka

Roka thaka ceremony is an initial custom formality takes place after fixing wedding ceremony, the bride’s family visits to the groom family for participating in custom formalities. Both families give blessings to the future bride and groom and exchange some gifts, fruits and sweets.


Sangeet ceremony is one of the most joyful and interesting function that is celebrated and having traditional dance and sangeet. All the close relatives and neighbor are invited to participate in sangeet.

Sehrabandi Of the Punjabi Groom

Punjabi groom is ready by wearing wedding attire having headgear sehrabandi. Groom and the procession is ready to visit towards wedding venue to pick up bride. This long, loving journey is much happier all the participants enjoy a lot together, having music and wine, whiskey and beer etc.

Exchanging Garlands

After reaching to bride’s house, the groom comes first for exchange wedding garland with his future better half. Exchanging garland is a step taken by the couple together, there are many custom formalities in which Punjabi couple needs to participate.

Phera Ceremony

Phera ceremony is extremely sacred sacrament where Punjabi couple takes laavan around “Guru Granth Sahib”. These four steps ties couple in a lifetime relationship where the priest recites holy chants as per step.



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Punjabi Sikh Wedding Multi Culture Beautiful Custom And Traditions Are Explained

Sikh is an ethnic group of people who speaks Punjabi language. Sikh refers “Learner” determinedly keeping faith in Immortal. Sikh originated from the land of Punjab state, India. Punjabi is a language spoken by the largest Punjabi population. Punjabi means who have an ability to trace ancestral beliefs and heritage of the agricultural North West (Punjab), state of India. Punjabi Sikh wedding are something similar about cultural custom and traditions add extra celebrations in the big day ceremony. A lot of things are similar in their marriage ceremonies from beginning to the last moment. Punjabi Sikh speak the same language and having more similarities as cultural style, wedding costume, food and lifestyle, etc. Punjabi Sikh is the follower of holy scripture “Guru Granth Sahib” fundamentals and moral teachings.

Sikh equally celebrates the sacred union of the couple by inviting their family friends, distant relatives and chief guest to participate in their happy marriage occasion. Punjabi Sikh marriage celebrations are great having grandeur wedding venue, royal decoration, delicious dishes and extra luxury arrangements in their ways. On marriage day party type songs with a big playlist to make musical sound of the matrimony event. All these arrangements make wedding day memorable to capture all precious memories forever. The significance of marriage custom and traditions are similar to the Punjabi Sikh wedding with similar faith and beliefs in their ways. Punjabi Sikh wedding site is having uncountable similarities thus, it is very easy to add multi culture combination for big day function.

Sikh Wedding A Sacred Union With Customize Cultural And Religious Custom & Rituals

Sikh wedding is a vibrant and colorful custom ceremony to unite matchmaking couples in a sacred relationship. Sikh marriage is celebrated with various cultural customs and traditions as this process begins from the very first day. Punjabi matrimonial site doesn’t require an auspicious (muhurat) wedding date and time even both families decide a suitable date to tie a nuptial knot between Sikh bride and groom. Punjabi Sikh wedding is also known as Anand Karaj takes place in a Gurudwara in front of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. These wedding custom and traditions, ceremonies extends marriage occasion over a week. Amazing ideas these are astounding and beautiful customs distributed or categorized such as pre wedding rituals, wedding customs and post wedding custom and rituals here.

Anand Karaj

Anand Karaj begins very first by purchasing the four pieces of soft cloth to cover holy scripture Guru Granth Sahib.

Kurmai or the engagement ceremony

Kurmai is also known as engagement ceremony whereupon the priest of Gurudwara applies tilak on the groom’s forehead and sings holy chants to seek blessings for the couple. Sikh future bride and groom exchange engagement rings with gifts.

Chooda Ceremony  

Chooda ceremony is most exciting and loving for both families. A maternal uncle plays an important role where he gets her chooda with red and cream color combination, golden color kalire that are tied along chooda.

Vatna Ritual

Vatna can be said haldi ceremony takes place in the almost Indian marriages where turmeric paste and oil are mixed and applied to the bride and groom. This turmeric paste works to moisturize skin and brings nice glow.

Milni ceremony  

A big welcome to groom and procession at the wedding venue. The bride’s family honorably exchanges garlands with the main members of groom’s family for welcoming them.

Wedding Ceremony  

Punjabi Sikh wedding is highly religious and custom affair from beginning to the last moment. Both families visit Gurudwara that is decorated with colorful flowers, lights and curtains. A kirtan is done as reciting holy chants to commence matrimony formalities.

The priest recites ardaas while Sikh bride and groom take phera around holy scripture or even Samaadhi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Sikh groom keeps kirpan with him while taking phera because this is a sign of bride’s protection from dangers towards their matrimonial life. After all, they are legally husband and wife now.

Wedding Invitation Cards With Unique Ornate Custom Designs To Make It Beautiful

Wedding invitation cards are the very first mandatory essential to invite guests and relatives on the big day. Wedding cards are customized designs to choose from the vast latest designs for special invitation. You will have many options to find unique creative styles for big function. Whether you want to flaunt your status so matrimony invitation cards must be in stylish designs and shapes. Make your matrimonial planning luxurious and beautiful by making arrangements in a unique style that flaunts your wedding celebrations.

No need to opt random design, whether this is your personalizing wedding invitation card having classic, simple but elegant designs with nice finishing. Invitation cards have many options to make it personalize by containing favorite color, design and printed text format that you like most. A stunning variety of seasonal invitation cards to keep the touch of etiquette simple designs that will give a smile to your friends and relatives after receiving. You need everything is available here:

Custom Black and White Invitation 

Black and white custom invitations are in varying designs and patterns pack up wedding venue details, date and important family members’ name in black wrap. A simple black and white invitation card is amazingly favorite envelope to make pleasing your invitation card receiver.

Diy Rustic Wedding Invitations

It is something awkward type invitation to compel think different still people find it a much prettier suitable choice for the big day. It contains two wooden eggs on which the wedding date is printed. It is very easy to pack.

Floral Watercolor Invitations

Floral water color invitation card is simple and beautiful with sacred text to define the significance of wedding vows for matchmaking couple. Its color very fine gives cool consolation to the eyes.

Navy Nautical Wedding Invitations 

This is one of my favorite, eye-catching pattern on the invitation card keep a classical touch along stylish printed text with full address. A classic nautical marriage invitation contains a mini card inside sailboat motif.

Artistic Wedding Invitation 

Artistic designs are apparent popular trendy designs using a colored typographic and floral print arts to make a nice layout of the wedding invitation cards. These are hand painted beautiful customize design that you want.

 Wedding Invitation Cards 

Invitation cards highlight the wedding venue, date and timing of celebrations. All the guests and close relatives are invited by offering invitation cards for special marriage function. A matrimony day is a colorful event with lavish and rich arrangements to fascinate bride and groom towards their forever memorable day.

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Hindu Wedding Dress Have a Graceful and Stunning Choice for Groom

Hindu wedding is a colorful and joyous ceremony to enjoy every moment. It is an elaborated about its varying wedding costume choice for the special wedding day ceremony. All the invited guests and friends take a frequent look at the groom stylish wear what he prefers for his marriage occasion. Sometimes it is something troubled to choose a classic wear among modern stylish wear. When a groom goes for shopping with his friends there he finds a number of varieties for special dress to look unique on the matrimonial occasion.

A traditional wear never makes disappoint to Hindu groom because it always give handsome look. Hindu groom outfit must be matched with the bridal costume to appear as a matchmaking couple on their wedding day. A day became true what a bride and groom have ever dreamed of. Hindu groom outfit is appreciable in all types of latest and trendy stylish attire. These are highlighted and majorly recommended for Hindu groom to choose for wedding day.

Sherwani A Modern Choice 

Sherwani is the most favorable item for Hindu groom to wear on his wedding day. Sherwani is extremely in modern trend to look handsome and smarter among the crowd. It includes a vast range of colors, patterns and designs can be preferred by groom. When a groom gets ready by wearing traditional sherwani with an embroidered sehra makes other silent no words are to express how is he looking?

Wool Coat a Winter Wedding Idea  

If this is the winter wedding season adopt the wool trendy suit for your wedding day. It will make you feel comfortable and warm. Don’t miss this chance to buy a nice outfit for weddings to capture amazing photographs in this stylish wear.

Wedding Suits  

Wedding suits came in varied varieties to give colorful fine look. It will really influenced groom personality, outfit without caring or picking up a suit color that may be black and navy blue that is predominantly preferred choice of groom.

Achkan Men Suit 

Achkan is a different choice of groom for wedding occasion. It is a short length, fabric and something different from casual wear. Achkan is more slim fit from the waist to till bottom. A groom can’t stop himself to buy an Achkan for a masculine look.

A lot of wedding suits varieties will help you to select fashionable and stylish wear to adapt a perfect look and stand you out from the crowd on your matrimony occasion.


Punjabi Wedding An Opulent Culture With Colorful Custom Celebration

Punjabi wedding celebrations are filled with various custom and ritual celebrations. Punjabi culture is vibrant and rich about its varying customary formalities as they perform several pooja ceremonies to seek blessings for the couple. Punjabis enjoy all matrimonial ceremonies to the holy union of the matchmaking couple in a loving relationship. Punjabi matrimony preparations and arrangements begin from the announcement day of the wedding ceremony. Punjabi weddings extremely pomp and show a lot of celebration for little ceremonies. This is a long distance from the very first ceremony till the wedding day special. Punjabi weddings are colorful where found full masti and joyous moments. These are the most significant custom and rituals are included in Punjabi marriage here.

Stylish Wedding Attire   

Wedding day is a very special occasion take place after lots of preparations and arrangements to build a new relationship between Punjabi couple. Punjabi bride wear traditional heavy salwar kameez or embroidered lehnga that is offered by her mother-in-law. And a Punjabi groom wears traditional churidaar with kameez on his wedding day ceremony. The matchmaking couple looks amazing on this special day.

Wedding Custom and Rituals 

Wedding custom and rituals are much significant towards the wedding planners in Delhi ceremony. These include extra celebrations as occasional functions to get more fun and enjoy here as:

Roka Ceremony: Roka ceremony is performed in a traditional manner when bride’s family visits the groom’s family with some traditional ingredients & gifts to ensure the wedding of the selected couple. The priest determines wedding date and time to the holy union of the couple.

Chunni Ceremony: Chunni ceremony is the sign of a formal engagement of the couple. The groom’s family arrives at the bride’s home to accomplish religious sacraments. A bride is given wedding costume and shagun with lots of gifts on this day.

Mehndi Ceremony: Mehndi is an auspicious part of the wedding ceremony where married women and unmarried girls specially participate to paste mehndi on their palms and feet. This is a bridal décor makes look pretty. This ceremony is performed a couple of days before the matrimony.

Sehrabandi: Groom is almost ready to visit wedding venue with baraat. Punjabi groom goes for small puja is performed by priest to seek blessing of the God and Goddess for his good luck future.

Now further customary matrimonial formalities take place with full of masti and Bahngra dance is a traditional funny dancing step in the Punjabi culture.
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